In this day and age of pandemics, remote access to doctors are increasingly more acceptable and in demand. VOCTOR is a digital gateway to a doctor which takes on the task of answering questions, educating the user via podcasts, walking the user through clinical steps, and connecting to a doctor.

It is in the best interest of a doctor who would prefer patients to come through his/her Voctor which educates and prepares them via selected podcasts and Q&A sessions. Such an intermediate step increases the efficiency of doctor-patient interaction, saves money and time for the entire treatment cycle.

Here is the description of VOCTOR:

24/7 Access to a Virtual Doctor: VOCTOR is an Artificial Intelligence app of virtual doctors and medical experts, accessible 24/7, covering subjects starting from women’s health and expanding to new areas, continuously.
Free Download: VOCTOR is free for limited access to virtual doctors and podcasts. For full access, a subscription is needed (see below).
Talk: VOCTOR users can talk to virtual doctors to learn about diseases, conditions, clinical steps, treatment options, and the latest research.
Listen: VOCTOR also provides podcasts of the latest research and medical stories relevant to the user’s case. Podcasts are interactive where the user can ask questions about the story.
Private: VOCTOR conversations are anonymous. No personal information is asked or stored.
Affordable: VOCTOR is a subscription service with in app purchases for telemedicine. Subscription enables unrestricted, 24/7 access to all (present and future) virtual experts and podcast content.
Connect: VOCTOR can connect the user to a doctor via email, SMS, and video conferencing depending on the availability. Fee for telemedicine steps are prompted when the user requests it. The user can cancel it anytime.
Special Content: VOCTOR only includes content that is handpicked, curated, and edited by our medical experts.
Up-to-Date: VOCTOR is constantly trained with new and advanced knowledge by medical experts in its ecosystem.
HIPAA Compliant: VOCTOR does not give any medical advice, nor disputes any existing medical treatment prescribed for the user. The user’s medical records are not accessed.
AI Technology: VOCTOR is a byproduct of a decade long artificial intelligence research in cloning human mind and expertise to create conversational computer systems.
Availability: VOCTOR is currently available on iOS devices. Android version will be launched at a later date.
Languages: VOCTOR is currently available in English only.